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Lift motors of range ATM

The three-phase asynchronous lift motors are intended for drives of lift machines.The three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motors of range ATM are equipped with degrees of protection IP10 and IP20, internal cooling IC01 and with an option of adding supplementary cooling for higher number of starts. The employed insulation system corresponds to the thermal insulation class F. Construction parts are made of cast iron. Terminal box and its cover are of aluminum alloy. In basic design, the terminal box is situated on top of the motor, with an option of turning the terminal box through 180o. Mechanical design of the frame enables the terminal box to be transferred to the right or left side of the motor. The motors feature low noise and low severity of vibration. Mounting dimensions comply with the standard IEC 60072-1

Elevator machines type LL 239

 Elevator machines for goods elevators with lifting, capacity up to 100 kg.

Gearless drive type SLP 315

The SLP lift drive is a gearless drive that consists of a driving unit, braking system and friction wheel. The whole drive is positioned on a single shaft, which enables the mounting and fixing parts to form one compact unit. The driving unit stands for a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. The motor frame serves as a carrier construction of the entire motor as well. On the frame there are mounting holes and fixing spots for brakes and rope holders. The frame upper part accommodates the terminal box that ensures central connection of all electric components participating in the functioning and protection of the drive. The braking system is composed of two independent d.c. electromagnets with compression springs. Emergency brake release is possible by the use of a stand-by source or by manual releasing of the brake. Brake release control is carried out by a micro switch that may also provide a trigger pulse to change the hold-on voltage of the brake. The friction wheel is made of cast iron, while its diameter, the number and profile of rope grooves can be modified by the customer's requirements. The drive is fed from a solid state frequency converter, which provides a continuous speed control over the full range of operating speeds. The motor winding is equipped with a built-in thermal protection.

Electric Generator SGT

The generators, types SGT 215-12D and SGT 215-12Y replace the original generators of model 5506 205 and 5506 206 in complete volume of electric parameters and the mechanical measures.
The generator is intended for operating as a power supply to be used on railway carriages. It is a 3-phase claw-pole synchronous generator driven by a gear unit attached to the axle bearing by a flange. The three-phase current generated on the run by the generator in co-operation with regulator is used, after rectification, for supplying electrical appliances and for charging carriage accumulators.



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